Creating Life-Long Readers

Reading aloud to kids fosters a love of books as a life-long activity.

In this story, our little North American cowboy camper finds a way to solve an “itchy” problem.  When you read aloud and talk about lessons learned from the characters, it shows kids that there is value in reading. Kids can also connect their own problems to book characters and find out that there are many creative and effective ways to solve them.

Reading stories aloud to kids creates a pleasurable experience while showing them how to think smart about books. The smart-thinking readers are the confident students who love school, reading, and learning throughout their entire lives.

Please don’t underestimate the educational and literary value in picture books. The books I use are high-quality picture books that are appropriate for elementary school, middle school, and high school kids that connect to all their content area subjects.  Check some out today using my Read-aloud Guides.

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