The A-Z Study Strategy

Every kid I’ve every done this with in 20 years has loved it.

easy study skill
Kids love the challenge!

School has started so let’s get our kids started on the right foot for learning. I am reposting part of my favorite and easy A-Z Study Strategy. Use it as a way to remember each day’s reading in every subject; use it to study for a test; use it after a read-aloud story to remember important information. Every kid I’ve every done this with in 20 years has loved it.  Kids are competitive. They love the challenge. For very young children, parents can do the writing. Spelling does not count. Just get those ideas down as fast as you can.

A tip for parents:  kids want to get a word for every letter in the alphabet so please help them. I give clues or, if they still don’t get it, I give them a word. Teach them how to think deeply about what they read and learn. Here’s how it works.

  1. Write the alphabet letters down the outside margin of a notebook paper. Write your topic on the top like a title.
  2. Next to each letter, write something starting with that letter that is pertinent to your topic.
  3. For tough letters like “X,” put the letter “e” in front (exhausted, excited, etc.).
  4. Try to get as many as you can by memory or looking at notes or a book in 3 minutes. Use a letter twice by putting a comma in between words.
  5. Tell an adult why each word is important to your topic.

This is thee simplest and most effective way to study and learn. Kids can do it alone, with a partner or group, or with a parent.  I’ve used this study strategy to pick out important story parts after reading  to kids in 2nd grade and to understand more complicated texts for kids in the high school. it’s quick. It’s easy. It’s fun. It works!