New Book Cover & Title

Introducing the new cover and title to my paperback book of 20+ Read-aloud Guides for picture books that celebrate diverse cultures!

Inside, you will find the same detailed picture book read-aloud guides as before. There are guides for stories from every continent.

Reading stories aloud from around the world will build vital BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE that is important when learning in school. Everything you do before you read (stories or a textbook) helps children understand better and it makes them curious for reading. The following is an excerpt from The Rough-Faced Girl (North America) included in this volume:

• Look at the cover and talk about the title and illustration.
• What does “rough-face” mean?
• Why are her hands bandaged?
• What happened to her face and clothes?
• Look at the feather in her hair and her clothes and talk about what kind of culture this girl belongs to.
• Is she hiding? If so, from whom?
• What do you think the story will be about?

I hope you are enjoying the summer but don’t let September sneak up on you.  Buy a book of read-aloud guides today and get ready for valuable story time with your children now and when school starts. The more facts and details they know about the world, the better their background knowledge will be and the easier it will be for them to learn about new places in school. Happy Reading!