PLAY and BOOKS – winning combo!

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I am a firm believer that kids need more play, and here’s how it connects to reading – when reading in school, we expect kids to be able to make inferences about hidden meaning by “thinking outside the box.” How can we expect them to reach deep inside their minds to find imaginative meaning, if we don’t nurture their make-believe skills through play?

My read-aloud picture book guides are proven to make kids think smarter about books. I know they work because I’ve used them in my school Reading lessons for almost 20 years. They contain all the right questions to ask and all kinds of ideas – from writing and drawing to playing – to do after you read the stories. Let’s pique your kids’ imagination through play and build strong skills to read books!

My old Blog post about being a neighborhood trendsetter by organizing a Summer Book Club for Kids has some good book/play ideas! I will post it again next week..

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How far would you go?


What a book – it’s an oldie but goody – loaded with cultural diversity and about one woman who takes a stand to save a tree!   It’s a great romp about some serious issues. How far would you go? “Happy Reading!”

Don’t let your kids suffer from the embarrassment caused by poor reading skills. Don’t let them fall between the cracks in school or life!

Start helping your kids think smart about books today. It’s an instant formula for success!  I’ve been reading picture books this way to kids from grades 1-12 for almost 20 years, so I know it really works!

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