Valentine’s Day Ups and Downs….

Imagine a man who lives alone, eats lunch alone, and stays mostly to himself – he has no friends. Meet Mr. Hatch!

Before-reading:  Talk about friends and how to make them, how to keep them and how to lose them.  Also discuss how characters in stories are like real people. They are defined by how they look, how they act, and what they say.  Characters in books may change according to what is happening in a story.


During-reading:  Stop during the reading and examine how the pictures support this story.  In the beginning, they are drab like Mr. Hatch himself. What happens when the big pink and red heart box arrives?  Look how the colors change as Mr. Hatch changes.   How could one box of candy make such a difference in Mr. Hatch’s life?  What things does he start to do? Notice how Mr. Hatch, his daily activities and the colors change again when he finds out there has been a mistake.  Mr. Hatch changes again at the end of the story.  What happens to bring about that change?

After-reading:  Talk about how little acts of kindness can affect others.  Look for examples of what happened to Mr. Hatch, how he felt and acted.  Do you know anyone at school who sits alone during lunch or never joins in the games at recess?  What could you do?  What little things can you do every day to show people that they are important?

Make a Book Nook:  Decorate a table with Valentine’s cookies, cake or candies.  Anything pink or red as a decoration will do.  Have a good read with a good friend and treats. Happy Reading!