About Reading


There are several parts to Reading:


  • Knowing letters and their sounds
  • Figuring out words using their letters and sounds
  • Automatically recognizing sight words
  • Reading with Fluency
  • Understanding what is read (comprehension)
  • Reading between the lines for hidden meaning (inference & drawing conclusions)
  • Making connections – text-to-self, text-to-text, text-to-world

One of my professors likened all these parts, that ultimately should lead to comprehension, to a group of interlinking circles with one big circle around them all.  This last part was the Affective Domain:  every single thing that affects a child like moving to a new home, death of a family member, sickness, hunger, family problems, bullying, etc. We were reminded to always look at the whole child when trying to figure out why he or she was struggling with reading.