FREE Course #3


It has been noted by reading researchers that children read silently in the same way they read out loud. Many kids read too fast, pass over words they don’t know, read words incorrectly, change words, omit words, and skip punctuation. Then they can’t understand why they don’t know about, or can’t remember, what they just read. I spend a lot of time working on fluency in my school. Do your children read fluently? In this course, you will find out how to check it and make them aware of what they need to fix.

When listening to children read out loud for fluency, we check 4 areas:

  1. Reading words accurately (watch word endings)
  2. Reading at a medium speed (not slow, choppy, or too fast)
  3. Reading with expression (not like a robot)
  4. Reading with punctuation (skipping periods changes the meaning of a sentence)

Your 5 minute homework is this:

Explain the four parts of being a fluent reader to your children. Then have a little fun by modeling fluency from one of their books. Tell them that they will be giving you a grade of 1-4 using the above four parts of fluency – 1 point for each area. You will read a short paragraph out loud to them while they read along to check you. You will do this several times and they will grade your fluency for each read. Each time, read it really wrong. Say a few words very wrong. Read it very slow and choppy or very fast. Read right through periods. Finally, read it very well. Your children will laugh out loud as they grade your reading and tell you what you did wrong. This will show them what good fluency really sounds like. Ask them to read and give themselves a grade.

Your Fluency Lesson was perfect. You earned an A+ on teaching your kids to read more fluently! Watch for my next Read-aloud Guide.  Our kids grow up so fast.  Grab your moment and continue to teach your children how to be smart readers. “Happy Reading.”