Helping Others

Stores have already started marketing campaigns to entice us to buy, buy, and buy more and more things for the holidays. The upcoming holiday season surely is one of giving and receiving thoughtful gifts. But let us not forget the spirit of the season – sharing with others.

When we read great stories like this one to our kids, we show them the value of helping others. The holidays are just around the corner so this would be a good time to encourage giving to those who are less fortunate.  There are numerous food and clothing drives going on in our schools, religious organizations, and  the community. As a family, you can choose a charity you like and do chores to earn money, knit scarves, donate a bag of dog or cat food, make cards for senior or veteran homes, help a neighbor rake leaves or shovel snow. Help in a soup kitchen, gather toiletry items for veterans, cook a meal for a needy neighbor. Here are just a few ideas that come to mind:

  • Food Drives
  • Toy Drives
  • Clothing Drives
  • Soup Kitchens
  • Animal Shelters
  • Veterans Homes
  • Senior Citizen Homes
  • Operation Gratitude
  • Red Cross

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Author: booknooksbydesign_f33dhx

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