61s1ugfwnsl-_sy475_bo1204203200_1 truck-beddingWelcome to Book Nooks by Design.  I love books – especially, children’s picture books.  On this website, I will share perfect little nooks (found in all kinds of special cubbies, crannies and corners of your home) for reading stories to your children, or a secret, quiet place for children, tweens or teens to read on their own. Children will want to read more if they have a great little nook – a designated reading spot.

This is also the right place for you to find books that stand out as trusted old favorites or newly published titles. The benefits of reading aloud to children (yes, even older kids) are numerous. They include: building vocabulary and knowledge of literary devices, increasing comprehension, practicing listening skills, developing higher order thinking skills, understanding the value of learning, awakening curiosity and fostering a love of books. Reading aloud to children is crucial to struggling readers, students who have difficulty learning and students who are learning the English language. Hearing and talking about books builds wonderful background knowledge that is the cornerstone to understanding what they will learn in school.

Children are enthralled with trucks – the bigger the better.  This book, Mighty, Mighty Construction Site, is scheduled to be released on February 14, 2017.  It is recommended for Preschool to grade 1, ages 3-6 year, and contains 40 pages.  Children can usually understand books read to them that are 2 years above what they can read on their own. http://www.amazon.com

Before Reading:  Point out the “ight” sound (light, night, sight, bright, etc.)

Ask:  What does it mean to be “mighty?”  Do they know any “mighty” characters?

Ask:  Do you have to be “mighty” to be the best?

Point out the word, “site” and compare it to “sight.”

Most children will know what construction is.  Point out that “tion” always says shun.

Ask:  What they expect to see at a construction site and what vehicles do they expect to see? What do they think is being built and what steps will it take to build it (sequence of events)?

During Reading: When reading aloud to children, stop often to point out interesting parts, unusual words or to ask a question.

Ask often, “What do you think will happen next? What makes you think so?

Read with expression and read slowly. Show the pictures and let the children look at them.

Point out the alliteration:  rolling, rumbling, revving (several words in a sentence that start with the same letter  or sound.

After Reading:  Talk about the story

Ask:  What did you learn?  What trucks did you like best … why?  If you were a truck, which one would you want to be?  If you were a driver, which truck would you want to operate?

For this book, be sure to ask and talk about how teamwork helped get the job done.

Ask:  Can you think of any jobs around our house that could be done easier with teamwork?

Don’t forget to find a little outdoor place (or inside) and fill it with trucks and blocks where your children can build their own roads.  Engaging children in this kind of imaginative play when they are young helps create an environment for “thinking outside the box” when they are asked to make inferences about stories later on in school. “Happy Reading!”