Are We There Yet?

bored kids can read
Reading makes the trip go faster for kids.

Are you traveling for Spring Break?  Don’t forget to bring some books for your kids and yourself. It will be an alternative to the travelers’ lament, “Are we there yet?”  Check out the Archives for Girl Readers and Books for Boys for ideas and reading levels. Review the Lexile (Reading levels) levels of books to help you match them to your child’s ability. Here are some of the favorites of the boys and girls who read with me over the years.

Lexile 370

  Of course, books are great for entertaining kids on all modes of travel.  But don’t forget joke books, magazines for kids, word puzzles and games. Can’t pry them away from their devices?  Get a Kindle app or other audio book device and load up on word game and puzzles. Happy vacation and Happy Reading!