What can you do today to promote peace?

What a wonderful way to talk to your children about promoting peace!

Before-reading: Have a conversation about peace – what is it, how do you get it, how can you keep it? What is the opposite of peace? Talk about the difference between “peace” and “piece.”

During-reading: Stop and talk while reading this simple story.  Talk about how this gentle man worked his whole life trying to make his invention safer. What does that tell you about the character of the man who loved poetry and literature the same as he loved science and chemistry? This man invented dynamite which was necessary to clear land to build and he wanted it to be safe for those who used it. He was heartsick over those who wanted to use it to hurt others. http://www.amazon.com

After-reading:  Talk about how Alfred Nobel used his wealth to create yearly prizes for the people who did the most to promote peace for humankind.  How else could land be cleared? How is it cleared today? What can you do in your world to promote peace every day – in your family, neighborhood, at school, in the world? If you could, who would you give the Novel Prizes to? Why?

At the back of the book there is a list of Nobel Prize winners from 1901 to 2008. It might be fun to look some of them up and find out who they were and why they received the prizes. Happy Reading!