Smart-Thinking Kids

As the Reading Hero, you can show your kids how to think smart by reading stories aloud and talking about them. I use only the highest quality picture books that are filled with enticing ideas, vocabulary, and language. These are stories that lead to great talks, give examples of life lessons, and make kids want to take action.

All the discussion starters, words to talk about, hidden ideas to find, related activities to do, and even day trips are listed in detail in the Read-aloud Guides. The information for these reading comprehension guides was taken right out of my elementary school plan book as a Reading Specialist so they are proven to work.

You might want to have a world map handy when reading the World Collection.  The Ecology Collection offers ideas about helping the environment – starting at home. The War & Peace Collection is for older kids (7-10) and the stories are liked by both girls and boys.  A starter guide contains suggestions on how to read five favorite picture books with younger kids. There are stories for everyone and, parents, you will also be amazed by them. Happy Reading!