Read-Aloud Guides Q & A

A Read-aloud Guide is similar to a study guide for each high-level picture book featured inside my book. It contains discussion starters, words to talk about, ideas to clarify, and hidden meaning to uncover with your kids as you read together. Just buy the Guide and get your picture books.

The following are some questions and concerns expressed by parents and my answers that might be helpful to you as you embark on this type of interactive reading with older kids:

  1. Won’t my 4th grader think picture books are too babyish and be embarrassed?

The books I use are high in quality and interesting topics for older kids that will arouse curiosity and get them excited. In school, they should be familiar with teachers and librarians who read this way. I read picture books in the high school all the time and the kids love it.

2. I don’t think I can read like a teacher.

The whole point of doing this is not to sound like a teacher. You should bond with your kids while reading together. This type of reading will naturally introduce deep thinking in a relaxed way and elicit great discussions with your children. Just enjoy the stories together and the conversations that follow. The learning is “accidental.”

3. This all sounds very complicated and time consuming for reading a story.

The Guides are packed with ideas but you choose only the ones you want to discuss during the reading. I always read the story first and write short notes on post-its to stick on appropriate pages for reference as I read. Then pick a few after-reading activities or crafts to use and maybe plan a day trip as a family in a few days. This will enhance the learning and get the whole family involved. Just think of the intellectual dinner table talks you can have with your kids. They will have opinions and want to take action.

4.  Why does this way of reading fix low comprehension?

This type of “interactive” reading gets the kids involved in the story. By asking them questions, you are modeling how good readers think when they read. This is how we read to kids in school.  You want to show them how to think and it takes practice. Don’t forget how important you are as their Reading Hero!

My guides are organized in themes for ages and interests.

  • For preschool kids, choose the one for Young Kids.
  • Next, move up to the Ecology collection.
  • For kids in school, buy the World collection.
  • For older kids, 7-10, get the War and Peace collection.

I know this type of reading works because, as a Reading Specialist, I’ve been using it for almost 20 years in school. I know you and your kids will love reading this way.  Wait until you see them start thinking smarter about books!

Be the hero your children deserve. I know you can do it. I’ve made it easy so you’ll succeed but, if you ever have questions, I’m only an e-mail away.

ORDER a Read-aloud Guide today to avoid the embarrassment that poor readers suffer all their lives in school and work.

Happy Reading!