Books for Boys

There is an awful lot of prestige that goes along with kids and the books they bring to read in school.

Here is a list of books for boys suggested by Some of these titles are familiar to me while others are new. They all sound interesting. I added Lexile levels for you when they were available. I particularly like books that are part of a series because, if your child likes one, you have more for him. GL means Grade Level suggested by the publisher LX is the publisher’s assigned Lexile level.. Please refer to the Lexile to Grade level chart to the right. As I always say, please look at any book first before giving it to your child to read.

If your son is a struggling or reluctant reader, I would suggest that you choose a book that is on the easy side for him to read alone. You want this experience to “hook” him on reading and that won’t happen if it becomes a chore because the book is too hard. On the other hand, if there is a book your son really, really wants to read, and you know it is way too hard, you have two choices. Try to see if it is available on audio book for him to listen to and enjoy, or read it with him – with you doing most of the reading.

You will notice that popular books like the Harry Potter series are very high in their readability as per their Lexile level. I have suggested to parents over the years that they let their child carry the book to school like all the friends but then read it aloud to him or use an audio version in the privacy of your home so he understands the story. This allows your child to “feel” like part of the Harry Potter reading crowd because he knows about the story events. Beware of watching the movie version first – it deviates at times from the book’s story line. There is an awful lot of prestige that goes along with kids and the books they bring to read in school. We can help them be successful.

  • The Boy Who Loved Math GGL 1-2 LX 550
  • Stink, Incredible Collector series GL K-3
  • The Boy Who Never Grew Up GL 1-7
  • Magic Treehouse series GL1-4
  • Encyclopedia Brown series GL 3-7 LX 560
  • Mistakes that Worked GL 3-7 LX 1040
  • What Should Danny Do series age 3 & up
  • 5,000 Awesome Facts GL 3-7 LX 1060
  • One and Only Ivan GL 3-7 LX 570
  • Code GL 2-6
  • I was a 3rd Grade Spy GL 3-7LX 510
  • Matt Christopher Sports Books GL 3-7
  • Horrible Harry series GL 2-4 LX 460
  • The Boy Who Saved Baseball GL 3-7 Lx 660
  • Trapped in a Video Game series GL 3-8 LX 640
  • National Geographic Kids Just Joking series GL 2-5 LX 400
  • National Geographic Kids 125 True Stories of Amazing Animals GL 3-7 LX 850
  • Nate the Great GL 1-4 LX 130
  • Prince Martin Wins His Sword series GL K-3
  • Percy Jackson series GL 3-7
  • Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets series GL 4-7 LX 940
  • I Survived the Attack of the Grizzlies GL 3-7 LX 550

A word about series – check each title in a series for grade level and Lexile levels because they can vary from title to title. Also, check around on or another online bookstore for various titles published by National Geographic Kids. I gave the joke books to my elementary students for Christmas and end of the year gifts and they loved, loved, loved them – especially the boys. And, all my students from late elementary right on up to the high school devoured the I Survived series. Again, check the reading levels and appropriateness of the subjects for these historically-based stories.

Please let me know if you have had good luck with certain books for your boy readers. Next time, let’s do books for the girls! “Happy Reading!”

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