Reading is Meaning

When you talk to your kids about the stories you read to them, you are the model of how good readers think in their heads.  The more you do this, the more automatic it will become with your children and they will start to become more thoughtful about books and stories they read on their own.

The purpose of reading is to make meaning, whether it’s the lesson learned by a book character or information you learn from a nonfiction book about a certain topic. So, as their Reading Hero, you will help your kids discover meaning – easy to find and hidden deep in the story – when you read and talk with them.  It’s wonderful when ideas in a story spark your child’s interest and call them to action right in their own home, neighborhood, or school.

This book is included in the World Collection. It is a simple story that I included in the collection as an example of how to read the longer books that are highlighted. It’s a good idea to have a world map or globe handy when reading stories from around the world because kids always love to use them.

All the questions to ask along with words and ideas to talk about are included in the read-aloud guides. There are also suggestions for crafts, activities, further research, and day trips for each picture book that is highlighted. I only use high-quality picture books that you can sink your teeth into.  Let’s get our kids thinking hard about the meaning of what we read.  “Happy Reading!”

Author: booknooksbydesign_f33dhx

Reading Specialist, Picture Book Aficionado, and Westie dog Lover! Picture books are my passion and I want to empower parents to use them to help their kids become smart-thinking readers who love books!