Smart-Thinking Readers

We can teach our kids to be Smart-Thinking Readers who think about what they read by modeling good reading and thinking behaviors during read-aloud story time using high-level picture books. My read-aloud guides offer complete lists of what to point out in regard to hidden ideas, reading skills, before, during, and after discussion questions and activities.  There are also many suggestions for related day trips and other books. Every single suggestion has been included because of its academic value and that includes motivation.  I know you will love reading with your kids this way. You will, indeed be the reading hero!

Interactive reading in this way is proven to work.  The ideas for these read-aloud guides came from 18 years as a reading specialist and I took details right out of my own lesson plan books.  You, too, can help your kids become smart-thinking readers.  It will happen gradually – one book at a time.  “Happy Reading!”

Author: booknooksbydesign_f33dhx

Reading Specialist, Picture Book Aficionado, and Westie dog Lover! Picture books are my passion and I want to empower parents to use them to help their kids become smart-thinking readers who love books!